Useful Resources We’d Like to Suggest

Links to places that may be of interest to Percussionists

Percussive Arts Society   

  • Dedicated to all things percussive!


National Association for Music Education

  • Many resources for music teachers


Jazz drumming lessons with Pete Erskine

  • An amazing teacher, performer, and Stan Kenton alumni offering lessons via the internet


Meshem Jackson 

  • A NW drum instructor offering free video lessons


Links to places that provide sticks, and percussion stuff to Percussionists

Steve Weiss Music


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RCP Music Publishing

Home to-

  • Perseverance, A Modern Medieval March
  • The Dick Shearer Legacy
  • and soon, other great music.


A Cat For a Hat

  • An amusing children’s book written by Cheri Redgrave


Improve! Process Improvement Expertise 

  • A continuous improvement consulting business


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